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W.U.O. Promotion jumps in with #Bitcoin Black Friday


91% of listeners polled would go get their Bitcoin wallet to pay for programming


Go get your Coinbase wallet and help Waking Up Orwell stay ON DEMAND released news this week of a T-shirt and Bitcoin Donor promotion to support archiving through Black Friday. According to poll findings, 91% of listeners would pay for programming using Bitcoin’s virtual currency service.

It comes as an added bonus that Coinbase, Waking Up Orwell’s Bitcoin wallet of choice, will be waiving all fees to make Bitcoin exchanges easier during 2013’s Black Friday rush.

So do not hesitate to drop your Bitcoins on Waking Up Orwell programming.

Visit the Events & Promotion page here to donate today.

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End is near for surveillance law powers


“These are serious Constitutional and security issues and Senators should have an opportunity to consider and debate the merits of this program and proposed change,” Merkley told POLITICO in a statement. “The Senate has now had months to bring this program to the floor. It would be wrong if we get to the point where an extension of this vast surveillance program is jammed through without debate.”

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Also please check out the art of BreakingTheSet Host, Abby Martin.

What could be worse than 1984? America in 2012


“It has come to this, there are now situations in which either one allows a probe to be jammed up one’s anus to prove “I have nothing to hide,” or one is to be considered a terrorist.  Spyware is probably on our computers feeding information back to the NSA, DHS, ATF, FBI, CIA and other secretive agencies.  Billions of phone calls and emails are stored daily on the supercomputers of the NSA so Big Brother can see what we’ve said or typed.

In Orwell’s worst nightmare he never pictured that a world leader would be making lists of people to be murdered by flying robots without offering evidence, charges or a trial.  That transnational corporations would treat governments as subservient contractors.  Or that our fingerprints, faces and DNA could be captured without our knowing about it, and reduced to digital data on massive supercomputers, for secret purposes, in our increasingly secretive government.”

–Jack Balkwill, Liberty Underground of Virginia

Would you pay for Waking Up Orwell radio with Bitcoin?


Podcast features can and have been successfully monetized but the working finance streams are unsavory. Kickstarter wants a Social Security Number, which is a non-starter for a privacy advocate. PayPal will take the money and run, making subscribers and executive producers feel regret and despair.

And then there was BitCoin….

Infographic for TSA’s Grope & Pillage


BTC – Short story. Just flew for the 1st time since Rapiscan was installed.

The following info graphic will demonstratea deeper undertsanding of  exactly what I went through. This was sent over by Tony Shin.  : )

TSA Waste
Created by:

The Power to End Real ID and National ID Mandates; Use It or Lose It



*Real ID will be evaluated in Congress next week by March 21st, 2012.

States have systemically rejected Real ID in at least 25 States; while regulatory compliance for the lesser known EVVE program has crept into many States. DHS will continue to encourage citizens to “check themselves” in the E-Verify’s cloud system online. Privacy and digital security experts say you cannot really be protected in the cloud from identity theft or hacks. Ground network security for existing DMV information becomes irrelevant, if a city worker commits fraud or if systems were never improved to protect the increased storage of sensitive information required for Real ID compliance today.

Congress does not currently have a positive track record to represent your interests without your input. Unless you want the interests of Big Data and eugenics driven groups like Secured ID Coalition, Numbers USA and the Center for Immigration Studies to decide if you have identity rights, you had better speak up for yourself!

Resist national identity mandates to work, to travel, to use online services or behave normally in American society by adding your name to this petition and circulating it to friends!

Events of Interest: House Judiciary Committee Hearing on REAL ID (March 21) c/ Privacy Lives


Nepalese Government Minister Returns National ID Bill


BTC – Nepal under the boot of China has had troubled times, expressing duress from national ID mandates.

A study by human rights watchdog Privacy International found “claims of police abuse by the way of the cards in virtually all countries” that use cards. Following concerns over national security in the recent Machine Readable Passport (MRP) debacle, anxiety about privacy is not far behind here. “We will have to pay special attention to how the data is stored and protected,” warns Dinesh Thapa of Privacy Nepal.” 

Nepal is known as the “crown chakra” of planet Earth.

KATHMANDU: In the latest blow to the government’s plan to issue multi-functional National Identity Cards from this fiscal, Minister of Law and Justice Brijesh Kumar Gupta has rejected a draft bill on the issue and sent it back to the National Identity Card Management Centre. 

The Modern Day Police State and the Dangers of Real ID & E-Verify


Pakistan is downgrading their National ID card


READING: NADRA to introduce Smart ID with innovative, enhanced features soon: Rehman

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