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>PASS ID passes DHS Senate Committee


BTC – We are not surprised.   We are even less surprised that Secure ID News scooped it first.

They are the ones advertising for a September biometrics conference in Tampa, FL; the world’s death metal capital & international record holder for most lightning strikes.  May God taze the s**t out of them for even trying.
PASS ID approved by Senate committee

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee approved the PASS ID bill, which would repeal parts of the REAL ID Act.

“The bill the Committee approved is a good compromise that addresses many of the concerns we all have about the current REAL ID Act,” said Sen. Daniel K. Akaka (D-Hawaii), the sponsor of the bill. “The PASS ID Act would implement identification security improvements, while fixing the worst parts of REAL ID and adding several important new privacy protections.”

There’s some question as to whether the proposed legislation would help states better secure IDs while also protecting citizen privacy. Others say it “guts” an existing law and takes states back to pre-9/11 identity vetting for IDs.

No other action has been scheduled on the bill as of press time. See SecureIDNews’ previous coverage of PASS ID

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