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>DOUBT: US biometric worker card program named as BELIEVE


>BTC – The biometric worker card program embedded in Comprehensive Immigration Reform now has an altruistic name, BELIEVE,  to go along with its ill conceived ideas to press forward with redundant biometric identification program for employment.  Details were announced in this brief published by POLITICO.

“Employers hiring workers in the future will be required to use the newly created Biometric Enrollment, Locally-stored Information, and Electronic Verification of Employment(BELIEVE) System as a means of verification. There will be strict employer penalties for failure to participate in the BELIEVE system after being notified of a requirement to do so by the Secretary of Homeland Security or after the BELIEVE system has been fully implementednationwide such that it is required to be used by all employers.

Prospective employees will present a machine-readable, fraud proof, biometric Social Security card to their employers, who will swipe the cards through a card-reader to confirm the cardholder’s identity and work authorization. The cardholder’s work authorization will be verified by matching a digital encryption key contained within the card to a digital encryption key contained within the work authorization database being searched. The cardholder’s identity will be verified by matching the biometric identifier stored within the micro-processing chip on the card to the identifier provided by the cardholder that shall be read by the scanner used by the employer.”

In the brief time since the Immigration debate “football” has been picked up by the Obama administration, we discovered many existing programs in violation of 4th Amendment standards.  Citizens today are being asked to substantiate proof of citizenship on-demand in the LEAR program.  There is even an existing biometric database for criminal aliens who have been picked up by ICE, established previously by INS, called IDENT.    So why create additional programs, at the expense of the people, which creates yet another form of identity in order to work? Why are they stacking databases and programs on top of one another when there is no federal budget and existing intelligence data that isn’t being used?

Apparently the pedestrian Social Security Card, which commercial institutions currently abuse, isn’t good enough anymore to substantiate even if you already HAVE E-verify.  Now we have to have a card worthy of national intelligence capabilities.  What good is “intelligence” if it’s gone plebean?  It’s simply not necessary for Joe the Plummer to have so much intense government clearance to work for himself. Something the BELIEVE program has overlooked.  People who work for themselves aren’t going for this.

Arizona, Janet Napolitano’s home state, seems to be the natural policy tastemaker for the future of immigration policy in America.  However, we have to interject what is good for the locals of Arizona is not good for the rest of America.


The new worker ID cards are to be considered “tamper-resistant, wear-resistant, machine-readable..”  The cards are also civil liberty resistant and Bill of Right’s retardant with sufficient holes to strain your flying spaghetti monstrosities.

This is Schumer’s magic formula for working America:

III. Ending Illegal Employment through Biometric Employment Verification (p.8)
[Thanks to Chris Calabrese & POLITICO]

In order to prevent future waves of illegal immigration, this proposal recognizes that no matter what we do on the border, our ports of entry, and in the interior, we will not be completely effective unless we can prevent the hiring, recruitment, or referral of unauthorized aliens in America’s workplaces.

Jobs are what draw illegal immigrants to the United States. Not later than 18 months after the date of enactment of this proposal, the Social Security Administration will begin issuing biometric social security cards. These cards will be fraud-resistant, tamper-resistant, wear resistant, and machine-readable social security cards containing a photograph and an electronically coded micro-processing chip which possesses a unique biometric identifier.

Under no circumstances will any other information, including medical information or position-tracking information, be contained within the card. The Secretary of Homeland Security shall work with other agencies to secure enrollment locations at sites operated by the federal government.

Prior to issuing an individual a new fraud-proof social security card, the Social SecurityAdministration will be required to verify the individual’s identity and employment eligibility by asking for production of acceptable documents to be provided by the individual as proof of identity and employment eligibility. 

The Secretary of Homeland Security will work with the Commissioner of the Social Security Administration to verify non-citizens’ employment authorization. SSA will also be required to engage in background screening verification techniques currently used by private corporations that use publicly available information that can be derived from the individual’s social security number. An administrative adjudication process can be invoked in the event that an individual is unable to establish his or her identity or lawful immigration status. 

Adverse decisions can be reviewed in the federal courts. There will be a multi-stage process of re-verification if an individual claims he lost his previously issued fraud- proof social security card to ensure that there is no identity-theft or unlawful collaboration of identity.

 There will also be a multi-stage process for resolution of proper identity if an individual claims an identity tied to a social security number that has been claimed by another individual.

Tough penalties will be put in place for fraud in procurement of a fraud-proof social security card. The same penalties shall apply for conspiracy to commit fraud if false information is intentionally provided.


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