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“Disgrace and doublespeak” on Guanatanamo, Manning


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WUO Commentary – Its crystal clear to readers that there is double standard on liberty for America when it falls within the borders of the United States.  The President’s name may be at the top of the cabinet, but I don’t think that exonerates the collection of policy actors in the State Department from accountability.

There’s some strangeness going on in government right now in relationship to the idea that if SOMEONE is in charge then we (The People) have the right to have someone to blame; and that somehow magically ends the argument.  Waving our fists and finding the accountable seats to yell at does something; naming names to shame is a success if we can get them to stop moving in the direction we hate.  However, sometimes the truly intractable and shameless elements in US governance continue on in their path without the correction of public scourge.

In this instance, it comes down to anything sordidly associated with torture and US intelligence & foreign policy [i.e. existing black sites at Bagram AFB, human experimentation going on at Guantanamo, the slipshod handling of PFC Bradley Manning at Quantico, censorship and legal retribution against press outlets like Wikileaks, collateral damage to foreign civilians, etc., using innocent American muslims as straw people] key players in human rights abuses walk freely without worry of conviction is a torture to the moral foundation of the United States.


It bothers more than one person to witness those who claim social conservatim in the daylight, discard their clownsuits at night, flipping some nocturnal switch in their minds to talk themselves into believing they truly represent the “moral fiber” of America while doing the exact opposite.  They could not be more morbidly out of touch with reality.   Arbitrary detention of innocent people without a trial is truly unamerican – even when Americans do it; there isn’t an exception.  Silencing people who tell the truth is hiding the light of the truth. Torturing, murdering, raping and invading innocents are all morally bad bad things; especially when we belong to a Human Rights Comission. They can run and get Pastor John Hagee to vouch for them all day long – Jesus sees what you do, Colonel Chicken.


This government sideshow certainly can’t be allowed to think they can have a hiding place from us, The People they are leeching from to keep it all going.  Wikileaks interrupted their reverie;  which rolled the boat on their fantastic voyage.


There is nothing more relevant than what YOU do at this point.


Your help is needed to keep it going.
March 20 events! On March 19 and 20th, 2011, supporters of accused WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning will be holding demonstrations, rallies, vigils and public events worldwide. Please join in an event or hold one in your local community to show your support for Bradley Manning!
Planning an event? Let us know! Send an email to with the details! Click here to find out how to hold an event for Bradley Manning. Planning to RSVP to an event? Firedoglake has a fun RSVP tool.
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  1. 03/17/2011 7:01 PM

    George Orwell identified the image of the beast, and he was not a christian. The first beast is the European Union, the second beast is the USA, the image of the beast is TV, its mark the microchip implant, the euro is the name of the beast as cash money, and 666 is Hitler’s number. For more details, please read my articles: “The 2 beasts” and “The image of the beast”, at

    • 03/17/2011 8:01 PM

      Non-Christians have human rights. There isn’t a separate set of human rights for Christians and non-Christians. If there is; you guys need to have another convention to sort that one out. That might be a good sane reason why “others” stay away.

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