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ACTION ALERT: Denounce the nomination of FBI Dir. Robert Mueller for intelligence abuses



We have an urgent opportunity to hold the FBI accountable for its numerous civil rights abuses. 

In the wee hours of the morning the House joined the Senate, voting in favor of extending FBI Director Robert Mueller’s term. Under Director Mueller, the FBI has far overstepped its legal role and violated the constitutional rights of Americans. These violations include large-scale, unwarranted wiretapping, infiltrating religious institutions, and raiding the homes of activists participating in First Amendment-protected activities. Although Mueller’s ten-year term is set to expire in early August, at President Obama’s request, Congress has approved the extension of his term.

President Obama must now send Mueller’s nomination to the Senate for a vote that will take place by August 2. The Senate’s upcoming vote on Mueller’s nomination provides a rare and valuable opportunity to demand that Congress hold Mueller and the FBI accountable for their actions.  We cannot afford to let Mueller continue leading the FBI in its blatant disregard for civil rights.

Below you’ll find a sample email that we’re asking you and your supporters to send to your Senators, urging them to vote against the FBI Director Robert Mueller’s nomination and sharing the resources we’ve used in our campaign against extending Mueller’s term. Feel free to make any changes to the email and add your personal or organizational perspectives.

Whether you are concerned about the privacy violations of the PATRIOT Act, infiltrations, secrecy, the crackdown on nonviolent movements, racial profiling, or immigration, you have a stake in this campaign to end Mueller’s term. However, the window of time for reaching Congress is very short; it will definitely be gone by next week.

Please send the following email or create your own to your Senators and ask your supporters to do the same as soon as possible.




Dear Senator _________________,


As your constituent, I am asking you to vote against the nomination of FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III. Despite widespread concerns about escalating civil liberties abuses over the past decade, Congress has not conducted thorough oversight of the FBI. The director should not remain in place without addressing those concerns.

Under Director Mueller’s leadership, the FBI has developed a dismal civil rights record: it has systematically violated the rights of law-abiding Americans of many different backgrounds, abused its investigative powers, and failed to respect its own guidelines, all while avoiding accountability by keeping its actions secret and misleading courts, Congress, and the American people. These abuses are serious, have impacted millions of law-abiding Americans, and should not be casually accepted by Congress

Please review the following materials about the FBI’s abuses under Director Mueller and the widespread support against extending his term:

  • This video created by the Bill of Rights Defense Committee
  • An online petition signed by over 2,500 people calling for the FBI Director’s term to expire as scheduled
  • more rigorous petition signed by over 30 organizations that was delivered to the Hill last week

Our civil liberties are too important to be jeopardized by politics and accountability needs to start taking precedence over convenience. I urge you to protect the rights of your constituents and hold the FBI accountable by voting against Director Mueller’s nomination. 





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