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NIST’s Grant under Fierce IT heatlamp for NSTIC’s similarities to Federal Identity Credential Access Management Roadmap (FICAM)


READ IT : FGIT Q&A with Jeremy Grant on NSTIC implications for government IT

Here is the bottom segment of a letter I submitted to NIST in lieu of public comment.

“Please reconsider the NSTIC program for an Interagency security use within the walls of the government sector as policy. It simply isn’t a very appropriate amenity for mainstream civilian living. It has a place and a market, but it should be appropriated to places where surreptitious demand for ID is required already.

NSTIC will face a lot of opposition for coaching this society to upsurge identity requirements for absolutely everything they do for the sake of commerce.”

Here is a copy of the FICAM Roadmap.  Explore the similarities between FICAM & NSTIC today!

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  1. 07/29/2011 4:56 AM

    I think that FICAM and NSTIC are certainly related, but not quite the same thing. It might be more correct to think of FICAM as an implementation or subset of NSTIC.But I think you are correct to note that the most vocal supporters of NSTIC come from the SmartCard/RFID world, because they see NSTIC as an opportunity to increase sales. And in theory, NSTIC could end up looking like a lot like FICAM for the general public. We just don’t know yet what it’s going to look like. But I suspect that’s probably close to the SmartCard/RFID lobby’s choice.

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