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Develop for Privacy Challenge Winner GIBBERBOT at DEFCON 19


WAITING ON YOU: Award presenters Tor Project, Ontario Privacy Office & ACLU NC + WA

WINNERS ARE IN! tweeted @DOTRIGHTS – ACLU Northern California 

dotRights Campaign
dotRights dotRights Campaign
WINNER: Gibberbot secure IM app by @guardianprojectDevelop4Privacy mobile challenge #DEFCON #d4p
dotRights Campaign
dotRights dotRights Campaign
2nd place: tiqr authentication solution Develop4Privacy mobile challenge #DEFCON #d4p
dotRights Campaign
dotRights dotRights Campaign
3rd place: Obscuracam secure smart camera by @guardianprojectDevelop4Privacy mobile challenge #DEFCON #d4p

LAS VEGAS–The public has some options when it comes to creative applications to reinforce better digital privacy and security standards in an age of forgotten infosec boundaries and very creative non-ethical hackers at large.  One of the hottest competitions to evolve for privacy is a the non-profit sponsored Develop for Privacy Challenge.  Technology developers teamed up with privacy advocates to bring forward daring new apps for mobile and handheld devices, based on much acclaimed principles published as Privacy by Design.

The winning app developer will gain notoriety and acclaim from the privacy community for outstanding performance to protect and defend the private parts of the mobile user.  From there the technology will be made available to the public through open source licensing.

The  award ceremony will  be held Friday afternoon during  the DEFCON 19 hacker conference at the Rio Hotel, Las Vegas. Judges will announce the winning app amid many competing developers to deliver a commercial alternative to current privacy conventions after 5PM.

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