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Frank words during #OpBart


VIA TWITTER- #OPBart 3 – was the third peaceful protest against police slayings of  BART transit riders and to remember  Oscar Grant and a homeless man.  The succession of protests have taken place every Monday evening starting at 5 PM in San Francisco’s  Civic Center  stations.

BART transit has been taking cues from police to shut down certain transit stations during #OpBart protests; which has caused  inconvenience to riders. Local media reports customer backlash against #OpBart protesters for inconveniencing them. Anyonymous organizers maintain the protests are peaceful and do not require police presence.

Here is a candid conversation between an angry man siding with BART, who confronted Anonymous OpBart protesters.

Other media outlets covered pictures of the BART police looking defensive and harried. SF media have a long track record of panning or giving bad reviews of protests as if they are poorly populated sports events or bad concerts instead of evidence of  manifest right of free speech.

Here is the list of what BART cops were armed with to deal with the protesters and transit customers every Monday night during protests.


BART doesn’t understand the duties of a common carrier


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    Thanks for linking to my blog. Good post!

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