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“Welcome to Privacy Club” by Annalee Newitz


Welcome to Privacy Club. You cannot find Privacy Club on the internet.

Look for stencils on the sidewalks to find this week’s key to the encrypted directions — as usual, we’ve stashed them steganographically inside a photo posted in a 4Chan forum devoted to politicians having sex with donkeys.

You cannot bring your mobile to Privacy Club. While you are at Privacy Club, we ask you to find a reasonable thing for your phone to be doing so that it appears you have gone to a place other than this meeting. Leave it on your desk at work; send it out to lunch around the corner. You must walk to Privacy Club or take public transit. When you do, put on a hat and avoid heavy CCTV zones. If you normally wear makeup, don’t. If you normally wear business clothes, dress like a punk. If you normally dress like a punk, put on a tie.

If anybody finds out who we are or that we’ve met, you’ve just killed this cell of Privacy Club. See you there.”

FROM: No, technology is not going to destroy your privacy in the future

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