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Libertarian chair faces Pinellas, FL court over Real ID citation



:::LISTEN:::Pinellas FL County courts find Real ID can be a “Willey” matter

BTC – Adrian Wyllie, the Chair for the Libertarian Party of Florida, has become a burr in the side of the Pinellas County criminal justice system. His offense? Driving without a Real ID certified license in the State of Florida.  After over 2 months public provocation, the sheriffs department issued a citation.

Wyllie had his day in court- the results should surprise anyone.  We are joined in a discussion with Mr. Wyllie over these current events.

The legal battle over Real ID certified licenses in the State of Florida will continue to be challenged in a recently sponsored Tallahassee based legislation, HB 109 (R-Larry Ahern).


Adrian Wyllie rejects Real ID based statutes by not renewing his Florida license 

CSPAN Homeland Security & Terrorism Threats  Forum, as mentioned

Renditions of efforts to implement State-to-Federal drivers license information sharing databases.

Police pilots for body cameras

MORIS the Biometric iPhone attachement

Florida House Bill 109- Issuance and Renewal of Drivers Licenses and ID cards

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