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And yes, you do have to worry about killer surveillance robots…


According to  the Scientific American

“However, drone-based surveillance that is sustained, extensive or systematic enough will at some point almost certainly run afoul of privacy rights, although determining when that point is reached will not be easy. Privacy rights are a complex and evolving patchwork. In the U.S., for example, the right to privacy is found not only through a combination of constitutional amendments, but also in additional protections in some state constitutions and laws. In Europe Article Eight of the European Convention on Human Rights provides an explicit right to “respect for private and family life.” An additional challenge to predicting the impact of drones on privacy is that the regulations that govern where, by whom, under what circumstances, and what altitudes drones may be used are in flux. In the U.S., for example, the Federal Aviation Administration has been working to develop new policies governing the use of small UAVs, and is aiming to publish proposed rules in the near future.”


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