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All I got for XMAS was my last shot at freedom….


Expect multiplied dissent by way of indefinite US military detention and human rights errors

In case no one else has noticed, the Congressional escalation of the NDAA, or the indefinite military detention bill, has occurred at the exact same time, as the delivery of legal consequence to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and to PFC Specialist Bradley Manning. You don’t have to be a military strategist to see the indefinite detention of Brad Manning and supporters will spawn, literally, millions of legitimate oppositional dissenters and human rights defenders. So much so, the only thing that would make sense to a high ranking military strategist is locking up anyone who has a difference in opinion and whomever also has the legal high ground to do so – like a US citizen.


And as an aside, here is the letter I dumped on the History Channel’s, Brad Meltzer’s Decoded who recently covered Mob Activity in the United States.


I saw the latest Decoded on the presence of mob or organized crime in the United States. It was revealing, because like your typical History Channel viewer I simply substitute the words “south of the border drug cartel” with “CIA” and it seems to make much more sense to me. The light glaze of “honorable” to “dishonorable” street felons went from white US mobs to “the Mexicans”- seemed a bit racist to me, frankly. You didn’t even graze the Russian mob – which has ties to nuclear arms trade, human trafficking & white slavery. 

There were a few other things I did really take issue with. It was the epoxy reasoning your team used to glue the very very broad swath of criminalization taken with the Internet. I walked away from this show thinking the producers might have a military propaganda driven agenda to qualify America as an active war zone [by way of widespread and unknowable mob activity]. 

Here’s why… I think you really should have decoupled this topic from exclusively mob activity. You muddled big privacy issues where a corporation like Facebook can sell all of your fan viewers information to the highest bidder and that might include authoritarian regimes like Egypt as buyers. There are huge issues here with Big Brother and the mass surveillance state being built by your government to watch everyone. There wasn’t any room touch the fact that there are a ton public-private contractors involved in corporate espionage, who do the same things tin-can bedroom hackers can. In fact, they might be the same people, but you really didn’t flip that coin to show the viewers the other side. These contractors work for the government and anyone who pays. A lot of times these guys also work on Wall St. 

The lack of military and law enforcement distinctions in these areas make it very very tricky territory when you get into The Internet. You branded Anonymous as a “gang” – a .gov label which goes disputed in the Internet community. You may not be a fan of Wikileaks or PFC Bradley Manning but they are being classed as terrorists at this time. The NDAA FY2012 is part and party to this sweeping Internet “terrorist” classification. If Obama signs that as is you can kiss your 6th Amendment goodbye and let the US military continue to make the rest of your production decisions. 

After watching this program I might be inclined to think you agree with that assessment, but that also means anyone who has a difference in opinion with a US military authority in the very near future will join that [terrorist] classification. This includes protestors, talk show hosts and the US Judicial Branch. 

This is just a note to let you know someone notices what happens on this [program]. I might not be the only one.

Meltzer’s Decoded gave a response:

Thanks for writing, Sheila — means more than you know. More importantly, thanks for looking out for me. Hope you’re well. 


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  1. 01/17/2012 8:54 PM

    Hey That's Brad's normally reply I think. I got the exact same message with my name it in. There is a cipher in this message. Can you figure it out?

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