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Why I am not doing my podcast right now.


In the past, I have made a really “big deal” about doing a radio program or “the podcast”, Waking Up Orwell (WUO). As of late, I am not doing it as much. In 2012 I have serious doubts I will do it periodically, if at all.

There comes a time when programming time = money.  And if the money isn’t there, the programming doesn’t move. That’s the darwinian way of radio.

I know that people like the programming. I know the program brings a benefit.  I know I say insightful things. I know people like to hear a mirror of their own outrage.  Unfortunately, freedom isn’t free.

It’s not expenseless to produce my program.  The market has decided that Waking Up Orwell shall slumber the deep deep sleep. And so it shall be. Whatever WUO has been – it has been anything but a failure, by agitating and pissing off exactly the right people.

Don’t get me wrong. We’ve come a long way, baby.

I won over a socialist program committee member in Austin who sat on my soundcheck to later air my program premiere on KOOP. I then moved the program online to BlogTalkRadio and the Bay Area in 2010; which is still manipulating and retaining data I asked to be deleted. Their netsecurity was poor. My show suffered from an internal hacks or “glitches”. I then moved Waking Up Orwell to Podomatic. Podomatic is awesome. They are still awesome to this day. They let broadcasters do whatever they want as long as they pay for the bandwidth.  Now the feds just dispatch NSA bots to infringe my phone lines in the middle of interviews because they can’t win out over my awesome technology + freedom of speech.

I could continue the show if I want to …or not.

When Waking Up Orwell conceptually started, it was just me lowing alone in the woods with 220 hits on my blog every week in a sheer state of panic to say something to prick the public interest over Real ID infrastructure.  Thankfully, it is no longer 2008. 4 years later most everyone is aware that privacy and the property of identity security is a massive growing International concern.  There is a cacophony of reputable journalists who have picked up this beat. What was once an empty, lonely newshole occupied by scared, shreds of loosely assembled conspiracy theory and choppy punk research has evolved into a vibrant, crowded, overinformed war room where I cannot even hear myself think! Myself and others have made their point.

You would need to understand the main idea behind Waking Up Orwell. It is about people getting the rude message that their digital privacy is gone.  It is a message that our government is consistently developing means to get taxpayers to foot machinations giving them absolute control over all digital communications and the Internet.  It is a message that tech companies make their living from bartering whatever data you give them and without it their structures would fall flat.

Mainstream press has awoken from their apathetic slumber and decided that damages to civil liberty are ongoing and our nation’s ability to carry on normally without police accusation/intrusion is now impossible. This has no indication of stopping in 2012.  This is above the fold news features from pulitzer prize winning publications and journalists, nationwide, almost every day.

If that changes, I’ll mic back up and start yodelling from the sticks again.

We are now aware that we live in a society where mass digital surveillance is an enormous problem. We are now aware that we are active contributors to this debacle by using everyday technology to do ourselves in.

I say this now because I cannot open my e-mail or turn my radio without experiencing the panicked dribblings of other authors, radio hosts and lawyers freaking out over how gone their privacy and civil liberty is.

Battles over privacy and identity are the new tipping point to maintain a free society, both socially and economically, in the world.

In essence, “mission accomplished” means that we have tech companies, privacy advocates and grassroots activists on the ground, in the legal battlefields waging their interests actively.  We have arrived.

My complaint is no longer “no one is listening”.  Everyone hears the message and is now talking back over these issues: to government, to companies, on Twitter, on Foursquare, on Facebook and on their own podcasts.

Now, I get to be quiet and listen and hear what that sounds like.

What a marvelous sound.

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