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NCSL decides you should have Real ID, afterall


c/o Shawn Zeller @CQ 

But seven years later, after several extensions of the implementation deadlines, the states are coming around. Even some of those dozen or so that continue to have laws on the books refusing to comply are, in fact, moving to comply. And House and Senate bills to repeal the Real ID law that the states lobbied for in 2009 and 2010 never reached the floor, nor have they been reintroduced in this Congress.

The National Conference of State Legislatures says it’s not trying to get repeal legislation reintroduced and instead is focusing its efforts on changing the Homeland Security Department’s implementing regulations in order to allow states to save face by complying with the law without admitting they’re doing so. The conference of state legislatures also would like to secure more flexibility in how and when the new licenses are issued.

“If legislation isn’t an option, the only other alternative is that the department open back up the regulations to make some additional changes that make it easier for all states to come into compliance,” says Molly Ramsdell, a senior policy director at the conference of state legislatures.


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