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What could be worse than 1984? America in 2012


“It has come to this, there are now situations in which either one allows a probe to be jammed up one’s anus to prove “I have nothing to hide,” or one is to be considered a terrorist.  Spyware is probably on our computers feeding information back to the NSA, DHS, ATF, FBI, CIA and other secretive agencies.  Billions of phone calls and emails are stored daily on the supercomputers of the NSA so Big Brother can see what we’ve said or typed.

In Orwell’s worst nightmare he never pictured that a world leader would be making lists of people to be murdered by flying robots without offering evidence, charges or a trial.  That transnational corporations would treat governments as subservient contractors.  Or that our fingerprints, faces and DNA could be captured without our knowing about it, and reduced to digital data on massive supercomputers, for secret purposes, in our increasingly secretive government.”

–Jack Balkwill, Liberty Underground of Virginia

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