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About Waking Up Orwell

Waking Up Orwell is a privacy and civil liberties news source featuring  podcasts on-demand, news and opinion-editorial, and online radio coverage.

It is also the title of a radio program covering these topics, hosted and produced by Sheila Dean.

Waking Up Orwell radio is weekly dystopian news & public affairs digest exposing more Big Brother or Orwellian news.  Some of the topics covered are data surveillance, digital privacy, CCTV, travel and public safety, political unrest, warrantless wiretapping, US legal precedents for unreasonable search and seizure [Patriot Act, Homeland Security Act, Real ID, COICA, FISA,  Executive Orders], public-private collusion against, and specialized public input segment- DIY Government.

DIY Government is special segment where opportunities for public input are posted on this blog and archived on a dedicated page.

Some of our guests:

  • Daniel Ellsberg, whistleblower for the Pentagon Papers
  • Shahid Buttar, Executive Director for the Bill of Rights Defense Committee
  • Scott Nicol, No Border Wall Coalition
  • David Bond, producer- director of film Erasing David
  • John Farmer, author of The Ground Truth; former 9-11 Commission Counsel
  • Lee Tien, Electronic Frontier Foundation, privacy counsel
  • Debra Sweet, World Canʼt Wait
  • Chris Calabrese, ACLU technology counsel
  • Ed Hasbrouk, Practical Nomad & The Identity Project
  • Jim Turner, attorney for Citizens for Health
  • Steve Bierfelt, Campaign for Liberty
  • Dennis Loo, author & professior for World Canʼt Wait
  • Angela Keaton,
  • David Swanson,
  • Naomi Wolf, author & advocate for American civil liberty
  • Texas State Senator, Leticia VanDePutte, NCSL
  • Chris Paget & Tim Mullen, Ethical Hacking Team for H4RDW4RE, DEFCON

Archives are available for download at .


Sheila Dean is editor for, Godzilla Government, Waking Up Orwell and is an opinion news contributor for OpEd News online.


Please contact the show to  with BOOKING in the subject line.

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