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Bootstrap Waking Up Orwell with Bitcoin and a T-Shirt /20$ thru 12/2

On sale in your size through Black Friday.


Visit and buy this “Privacy is Security” Tee today. 


Donate in Bitcoins 

Do you like Waking Up Orwell?  Have you learned something new from our programming?

 [Yes. So why did you stop programming?]  

The answer: lack of funding.  We try to keep our entanglements as low, but that is virtually impossible to do without some money. This Holiday Season we give thanks that news of privacy losses made it through mainstream gatekeeping, but data ownership is still in critical peril of being obscured.

We made privacy a priority when people were “busy with other things”. Support and sustain us and we will be there to dig up what should have been made known yesterday.

Since 91% of those polled said they would give if we made Bitcoin donation available,  you may donate using Bitcoin at our site.


Brought to you by Waking Up Orwell

More event details here.

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